Mark Gardener Takes Down The Dusk To Dawn Deepstack!

Mark Gardner has capped a wonderful all round tournament performance to finally nail down the title and walk away with a £25,000 win for a mere £200 buy-in. This £200 Dusk Till Dawn Deepstack event had a prize pool guarantee of £100,000 and attracted a very healthy 550 playing field.

Initially there were two starting flights, which are to be expected with such a large field, this field also ensured that the prize pool guarantee was surpassed by £2,000. This meant that of all the players, only the top 64 would receive a payout, with the minimum payout being £400.

Anyone who reached the final table stood to take home at east £1,700 with the champion who we now know to be Mark Gardner banking a very healthy £25,000.

From the original 510 entrants, 110 progressed to Day 2, which meant that any player that reached this point knew that they had a 50 percent chance of making the payouts. In a situation like this you always have to feel sorry for the player that busts on the bubble, and in this case it was even more heartbreaking.

Mark McClusky managed to get all of his chips in on the flop of 10s, 8c, 6c, whilst holding Qc,Jc. He was called quickly by a player who was holding pocket aces, his third club never came and he went home just one place from being paid out.

As with most tournaments, once the bubble bursts there is a steady stream of eliminations, however in this case it still went on until 23.30 before that illustrious final table was set in stone.

This is how that final table looked:

Anthony MacDonald 650,000

Tony Chapman 1,700,000

Glenn Henderson 2,700,000

Paul Jenkinson 2,800,000

Tony Milan 1,400,000

Francis Jones 850,000

Eddie Cooper 800,000

Michael Kossov 840,000

Mark Gardner 1,500,000

It didn’t take too long at the final table before we started to see eliminations, first to go was Tony Chapman who was knocked out by Tony Millans. He was then followed Michael Kossov who was pushed out by Anthony MacDonald.

That led to a string of eliminations, Anthony MacDonald, Paul Jenkinson quickly followed suit and they were then also joined quickly by Francis Jones and Edie Cooper.

This led a final three of Henderson, Gardner and Millan, though Henderson was quickly seen off by Gardner. That left Gardner with 4 times the chip stack of Millan at 12,000,000 and heads up literally ended as soon as it began, Millan chose the wrong time to push in with A6 and ran straight into Gardners KK…the rest as they say was history.

Gardner will have been extremely proud of his performance, especially on that final table where he managed to increase his chip stack tenfold.