Massey Winner At The WinStar World Casino River Poker ME

Spades Royal Flush

The WinStar World Casino River Boat Poker Series Main Event has come to completion with the winner being announced as Aaron Massey. He managed to successfully negotiate the whole field of 1,396 entries which included a heads up battle with Andy Robinson to take home the $651,559 first prize.

This popular event certainly attracted players from all over the world, they were flocking from everywhere. In recent years this event has been known as one of the biggest kept secrets with regards to US based tournament poker…not anymore!

What has made it so successful this year is the $2,500.000 guaranteed prize pool and the ability to be able to re-buy back in up to three times if needs be. If you busted on Day 1a you could rebuy on Day 1b and then Day 1c if you so wished.

David Baker who is a WSOP bracelet winner even went on record to say that this event offers possibly the best value around in tournament poker. Unfortunately for him the value didn’t work in his favour, having been one of the players to rebuy back in three times and still walk away with nothing.

He was not the only one either; Vanessa Selbst, Ryan Lenaghan, Greg Raymer, Larry Wright and even the reigning champion Bronson Tucker suffered the same result.

There were fifteen players who started on Day 3 and it certainly wasn’t a cagey affair, within just the first level the final table had already been established. Each player headed over to the much hyped featured table in the Global Events Center.

The seating draw for the final table:

1 Matt Shepsky 620,000

2 Chris Hooper 1,600.000

3 Andy Robinson 4,320.000

4 Corad Garcia 1,600.000

5 Peter Zhmutski 4,100.000

6 Justin Gardenhire 650,000

7 Aaron Massey 4,540.000

8 Matt Newcombe 1,700.000

9 Jay Merchant 740,000

10 Patricia Cardner 1,020.000

Matt Shepsky and Chris Hooper were the first two to be eliminated from the final table. We then had Corad Garcia followed by Patricia Cardner out of the exit door. Then Peter Zhmutski was eliminated in fifth place and Jay merchant fell in fourth.

We were now left with the final three of Newcombe, Massey and Robinson. Newcombe was in control at this point but then lost a haul of chips to Massey before being finished off by Robinson. We now had the final two and it only lasted a further 20 minutes before all the chips were in the middle pre-flop.

With Robinson holding the Ac-9h and Massey the Ah-10d, Massey had a slight advantage, yet the board came Kh-6c-Jc-3d-Js to help nobody and Massey was crowned the champion.

The Official Top Nine Finishers And Their Prizes:

Aaron Massey $651,559

Andy Robinson $334,030

Matt Newcombe $195,160

Jay Merchant $139,400

Peter Zhmutski $111,520

Patricia Cardner $97,580

Cord Garcia $83,640

Chris Hooper $69,700

Matt Shepsky $62,730