Massive Swings Online

Online Poker has had a very exciting week with some of the biggest high stakes players taking the virtual felt. Players like Viktor Blom, Ilhari Sahamies, “EireAbu”, David Eldar and Ben Sulsky all made had some interesting results during last week’s gameplay. However, it wasn’t all green fields and roses for the players as some went down quite a bit whilst others made huge profits.

The best player of the week was without a doubt the player known as “EireAbu”. The mystery man won over $500,000 in just one week as he played 167 sessions. During those sessions he played a total of 17,640 hands, leaving his per hand winnings at just over $30. However, this win pushed him back to the top spot of the yearly leaders as he has now won over $2,200,000. This pushed him past Ben Sulsky, who still had a very good week.

Sulsky was the third best player of the week as he won just under $270,000 during his 7 days of Poker action. He went through about 10,000 hands less than “EireAbu” and this is one of the main reasons why his winnings were “only” this low. David Eldar took the second spot of the weekly winners after he amassed $285,000 in 108 different sessions. The three players have all had great years so far and it looks like we’ve got an epic battle on our hands between Sulsky and “EireAbu” for the top player of the year.

Ilhari Sahamies seems to be turning things around properly. He followed up his $500,000 win last week with a great, $300,000 session on Thursday. Even though he had a few down periods during the other days he still finished plus and is now working really hard to turn over his deficit from earlier in the year. He went heads-up against several experienced players and when he played Ben Tollerene, one of the top players the week before, he won over $100,000. Smaller wins came against Viktor Blom and “Phisherman36.”

On the other hand of the rankings we find “mikki696” who did not have a very good week. The player lost over $280,000 in just 5,119 hands over 98 different sessions. This was a huge per hand loss for the anonymous player and he will be looking to bounce back next week when there are new standings. He was followed by Alexey Makarov who lost just over $200,000 in 52 sessions. He completed a total of 4,232 hands during his sessions and will look to bounce back alongside “mikki696.”

Viktor Blom is continuing one of the worst years of his Poker career as he lost another $168,000 during the week. This puts his total loss at over $1.4 million for the entire year, the second worst player in the Pokerstars rankings. He does have to lose a lot more if he wants to take over the biggest loser spot, held by anonymous player Zypherin. The player has lost over $2.5 million this year and he wasn’t even playing during the early months of the year.

Even though Blom has had a fairly successful year in the live games he is still struggling when it comes to the online market. He has been one of the dominating players, but since most of the professionals moved over to Pot Limit Omaha he has had some major ups and downs. His favoured game, No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, doesn’t give him the action that he wants so he is mainly stuck playing Omaha. He will have to make a great escape if he wants to end his online year in the black.