“mastrblastr” Having Superb Weekend Thus Far

quad aces surrounded by chips

Though the action has obviously been on the quiet side throughout all of poker, there has still been a decent amount of action on the high stakes tables so far this weekend on Full Tilt. The player that has had the most success though is easily “mastrblastr” having racked up profits of $475.5k over the past couple of days.

He has done this by playing at his favoured $1,000/$2,000 2-7 Triple Draw tables, whilst he has also spent a little time on the mixed game tables too.

His best session saw him winning $333k during the early hours of Saturday morning, with the player who lost most to him being “fishosaurusREX”. His opponent actually lost a total of $204k to him, and a grand total of $401k in the day.

When that amount is added to the $200k that “fishosaurusREX” lost on Friday, it totals more than half a million losses in that small timeframe. The player that took the biggest chunk of that $200k on Friday was Gus Hansen who actually finished as Fridays biggest winner with a much needed $148.2k.

The player that has been closest to “mastrblastr” in terms of profit this weekend is “Seb86” who has taken down $256k so far. Friday saw him banking $117.5k, whilst Saturday saw him take down $138.5k with both sessions occurring on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

“seb86” is now the second most successful player on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker since it re-launched in November. He has taken down profits of $843k which has him behind only “davin77” with $1.1 million.

The Biggest Hand Of The Weekend So Far!

The weekend’s biggest hand has only been $79.2k, which is small compared to what we have been used to this year. This is due to players preferring to play on the CAP tables at FTP. This hand was won by “KTPOKP” as his A-J was too strong for “bbvisbadforme”.

Other Winners This Weekend!

There have been other winners during the past couple of days with “ronnyr37617” taking home $164k on Full Tilt, whilst he also took home $64k playing under the name of “1-ronnyr3” on PokerStars. “1Mastermind” has also had a good weekend thus far as he has banked $106k.

Daniel Negreanu has also made a rare showing on the tables of late, winning $91.2k when up against opponents such as “visacard” and “barcode” over at the PokerStars high stakes tables.

The Biggest Profits This Weekend So Far!

mastrblastr – (+$474.5k)

Seb86 – (+$256k)

ronnyr37617 – (+$164k)

Gus Hansen – (+$110.1k)