Matt Salsberg Appears On Another WPT Final Table

Adding more fuel to the argument that poker is skill and not luck has been Matt Salsberg as Day 3 of the World Poker Tour Lucky Hearts Poker Open got underway.

The poker room in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on the South side of Florida is now polishing the felt on the only one table left in the tournament. 36 survivors sat down at 1pm Eastern time to flip the cards to decide which 6 would remain for the final day.

Those who came in knew what was at stake as surviving the day would mean a guaranteed $50k+ and a shot at the top prize of $323,804 carved out of the prize-pool for being the last man or women with the chips.

Unsurprisingly, this stack of top cash caught the eye of Matt Salsberg once again as he managed to battle his way into the final table as one of the short stacks.

Chip Count and Seating

Seat 1 Matt Giannetti 3,005,000

Seat 2 Lily Kiletto 860,000

Seat 3 Darryll Fish 2,660,000

Seat 4 Matt Salsberg 980,000

Seat 5 Hayden Fortini 1,620,000

Seat 6 Danny Shiff 1,930,000

This is another pretty impressive performance after he came sixth last week in the $3,300 No Limit Hold’em Championship WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open close by in Atlantic City. He won $147,671 in that event and will be looking to better the cash value this time around, but he will need a strong double up or quadruple hit to his stack if he want to even match that price tag. Check out the payouts listed below.

Final Table Payouts

1st – $323,804

2nd – $191,880

3rd – $125,921

4th – $86,946

5th – $64,160

6th – $50,968

So far this year it would be hard to put anything past the American poker player as his Atlantic City win put him over the $1 million mark in tournament career earnings. Since 2011 Salsberg has been pulling in yearly 6 figure numbers.

Players that dropped out in front of Salsberg today included Spadavecchia in tenth on his third tournament of this WPT event so far, and Joe Serock surprisingly fell out in fourteenth place after losing a stack of chips. Eventually, the day drew to close as the play stretched into the early hours of the morning with the 7th place finally dropping at 4am.

The last hand to settle the six was between Danny Shiff and Ben Tarzia. Shiff raised it up to 85,000 at twice the blinds, but Tarzia was not folding and shoved with 560,000 chips for the pot. Shiff called to flip the cards on their backs revealing 7c-7s (shaiff) and Ac-10h (Tarzia).

As the flop came out Shiff landed trip sevens leaving Tarzia drawing dead with only 2 cards to come and none that could get him out of this spot. The players all jumped up and left the room soon after to get some rest and be back for the action at 3pm ET today.