Matusow Beats Hellmuth In The NBC Heads-Up Championships

Just a short while ago, the NBC Heads-Up Championships play down from the eight remaining players to the one left standing. That player was Mike Matusow, after he had a classic best of three encounter with Phil Hellmuth in the final that he won 2-1.

The Quarter Finals!

The final eight saw Cates vs. Seiver, Matusow vs. Hennigan, Katchalov vs. Hellmuth and Hastings vs. Serock. It was literally three of the old school in Hellmuth, Matusow and Hennigian, with three of the younger internet generation in Cates, Seiver, Katchalov and Serock.

The players that came through those quarter finals were Seiver, Matusow, Hellmuth and Serock, meaning the old and new were now split right down the middle.

The Semi Finals!

The two old guys now had a young gun apiece to face, with Matusow being pitted against Seiver and Hellmuth against Serock. Well you couldn’t have scripted it as both of the old dogs showed that they still have what it takes when mixing it up against the younger and more aggressive generation, with them both making it through to an epic final against each other.

The Mouth vs. The Poker Brat!

These two have a lot of respect for each other, mainly due to them being around poker long before the mass boom in popularity and the birth of the online genre.

The match up was a fierce one, with Matusow quickly taking down the first leg before Hellmuth tied it all up in the second. This meant that they would have to play one more leg to decide who the 2013 NBC Heads Up Champion was.

In fairness, the third leg was pretty much all Matusow’s and he bullied and harried Hellmuth all the way along. He chipped away at his opponents stack before a final hand had both players seeing the flop of Kd-Js-2d.

Hellmuth checked and Matusow pushed 30k into the middle of which Hellmuth called. The turn fell as the 6s; Hellmuth again decided to check and was forced to a big decision by Matusow after he pushed 105k into the pot.

Hellmuth thought for quite some time before eventually deciding to push all in, Matusow called and was holding a flush draw with the 8d-4d whilst Hellmuth was in front with the Ks-10h. The river fell as the Qd leaving Hellmuth stunned and Matusow triumphant.

The Payouts!

Mike Matusow – $750,000

Phil Hellmuth – $300,000

Scott Seiver – $100,000

Joe Serock – $100,000

Eugene Katchalov – $50,000

Brian Hastings – $50,000

John Hennigan – $50,000

Daniel Cates – $50,000

David Sands – $25,000

Dan Smith – $25,000

Tom Dwan – $25,000

Joseph Cheong – $25,000

Antonio Esfandiari – $25,000

Barry Greenstein – $25,000

Vanessa Rousso – $25,000

Phil Ivey – $25,000