Matusow Gets Mouthy over Deeb Slow Roll (vid)

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow

Slow rolling is always going to get you into trouble at the poker tables, and as one player, Shaun Deeb found out there is a time, a place and the right player to slow roll against.

Mike Matusow was not happy when Deeb slow rolled what was obviously the winning hand at the table. “The Mouth” has never actually been one to hide his feelings at the poker tables, therefore he is definitely the wrong guy to pull this move off against, or is he?

Well maybe it was Deeb’s knowledge of how volatile Matusow’s temper can be, especially when he loses an important hand. There’s nothing like putting such a character on tilt Deeb may argue, as after all the game plan is always to win, and to win you need to collect those chips any old which way. On the other hand, some will still argue that etiquette is etiquette, and sportsmanship is sportsmanship. As a result, Deeb was in the wrong despite maybe playing a tactical manoeuvre on his opponent.

The incident happened on the first event of the Poker Night America show. Check out the Matusow slowroll on the video below and decide for yourself.