Max Silver Speaks To Full Tilt Poker

max silver

In recent months it is hard to think of too many players that have been as consistent as the Irish pro Max Silver. The man that is currently leading the UKIPT leaderboard has been making deep runs and getting to final tables left, right and centre over recent times and it would be easy to imagine that this has all come through a natural talent for the game.

However, in a recent interview with Gareth Chantler on the blog at Full Tilt Poker he claims that he has in fact had to work extremely hard at his game over the years and actually started out with extremely poor bankroll management skills.

He was questioned on this and stated “I started out like most people, putting $50 online with no concept of good poker or bankroll management. Needless to say this was repeated a few times before I decided to try and work out what I was doing wrong.”

The interview carried on covering subjects such as his previous employment, how being a regular contributor to poker forums got him a lucky break, his second passion cooking and how it relates to poker and how he now values money much better than he once did.

With regards to his lucky break he managed to be a forum poster that was selected to take part in group training program under the tutelage of Jason Somerville.  It was this program that really taught Silver a lot of what he bases his poker on today.

“Over the next few months we had almost daily organised group sessions exploring concepts that form the foundation of my poker game today. Jason taught me how, not what, to think, but also allowed me to create my own thought process which I feel has moved my game onwards as I’ve progressed. Outside of the organised sessions we constantly dissected hands.

It was a massive help.”

The interview is a really great look into where Max Silver came from and how he managed to forge a very successful poker career through hard work and dedication. With him being in such a rich vein of form at the moment we are certain that the next big win is not too far away for the likeable Max Silver.

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