Meimei Puts Molly Bloom In The Shade (vid)

Hot woman poker

There seems to be poker princesses springing up everywhere. Just a couple of months ago we told you the latest development on how Molly Bloom was going to ‘spill all’ in a book about the celebrities such as Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck that took part in the illegal high stakes poker games that she was arrested and charged for holding.

Well, now it seems that China have their very own Molly Bloom in Guo Meimei who was similarly admitted to running high stakes poker games illegally in a poker den after originally being arrested for her part in running an illegal World Cup betting syndicate last month.

There was millions played for, according to the Sydney Morning Herald but this is just the start of the scandals revolving around Meimei.

She initially became somewhat of a social media celebrity in her homeland after uploading photos to social media when scantily clad over super expensive supercars, in bikinis on yachts and even put a picture up that was of her 10 digit bank balance.

The scandal began when people started to question where all this money had come from considering she was claiming to work for Red Cross China. It appears that this was all a fabrication for her real ‘occupation’ involving being a high class escort charging at least £30,000 a night, being involved in the World Cup sports betting scandal, gambling he sums of money in Macau and of course finally hosting illegal high stakes cash games for the rake.

“I have no shortage of those who want me as their mistress, there are many people who – no matter the price – want to sleep with me for a night,”

She claims that she got involved in running the poker den after first meeting a high stakes poker professional in Macau, which does beg the question of just who that might be. The high stakes game in Macau have been played by many of the worlds best known players such as Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey among others.

On Monday of this week, she was put in front of the nation on China Central Television in which many has claimed to be a confession that was forced by Chinas communist party.

You can see the recording of her confessions in the clip provided by the Sydney Morning Herald below: