“mendezoo” Takes Down Super Tuesday Title On PokerStars

The biggest midweek weekly online poker tournament was back in action this week as the Super Tuesday event was held on PokerStars. The $1,050 NLHE event attracted huge amounts of players compared to normal weeks, a total of 540 registered which amazingly tied for the record set back in March of this year. The winner that time was “Calvin7” who took home $102k for his win.

The record tying attendance brought a prize pool of $540k for this event which is close to double that of the guarantee which is set at $300k. Again, the winner would be taking home $102,600 with the next 62 finishers sharing the rest.

The winner this week was “mendezoo” who had a very solid tournament throughout and found himself near or at the top of the leaderboard throughout most of the event. In fact by the time he reached the final table of nine he had a fairly substantial lead of around 200k chips ahead of his next rival and more than double anyone else.

A chip lead does not guarantee victory and there is still plenty of hard work that is needed to get across that finish line.

As we reached the final table there was only one severely short stacked opponent “fahim69”, though he wasn’t about to give up easily and actually managed to double up which allowed him to move away from the danger zone a little bit.

The first player to go was in fact “nachobarbero” when he went all-in with Ks-Qh against the pocket tens of “trickyone14”, his hand did not improve and he was sent to the rail.

After the break we saw three players eliminated fairly quickly in “milana jones”, “hypnotic242” and “OMGitshunt”. This left us with just five left, though the next to go was about an hour later. That player was “trickyone14” who had his usual aggressive tournament; he was unlucky to not have finished further up in honesty.

It was all going the way of “mendezoo” though as by this stage he had a massive advantage, though “Maathematix” was slowly pulling him back in.

He pulled him in but still had a 2-1 disadvantage as heads up got underway between the two, this is where the pulling in stopped as “mendezoo” upped his game and eventually won when he held Qd-Qh versus his opponents 7c-7d.

The Final Standings:

1st: mendezoo — $102,600

2nd: Maathematixx — $75,600

3rd: fahim69 — $55,350

4th: plokker292 — $42,120

5th: trickyone14 — $29,700

6th: OMGitshunt — $22,950

7th: hypnotic242 — $17,550

8th: Milana Jones — $12,150

9th: Jose “nachobarbero” Barbero — $8,964