Mercier Set To Do Reddit AMA This Friday

Jason Mercier

You may remember back in March last year when Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst did a Q&A over on Reddit, allowing fans to ask her a bunch of questions for her to answer. Well this time around it is her fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier that has put himself in the firing line on the site. He first mentioned he may do a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ a few days back and he has now confirmed it via his twitter account.

Mercier is one of the more open poker professionals around and is always actively letting his fans and fellow pros alike, learn more about himself whether it is concerning his poker or personal life. He will no doubt be looking forward to seeing what sort of questions are thrown his way and will certainly strive to answer as many as possible. We expect many questions to concentrate on what his ambitions are for the year, who he feels are the best players around and what advice he can give to new players in the game. Despite this, judging on the Reddit with Selbst there will also be plenty of questions that go far deeper than just his poker. The Reddit AMA will start at 3pm on Friday, so make sure you start to prepare your questions now. We will bring you all a report once the AMA has finished so that you can see all of the best bits.