Mercier Talks About His WSOP Plans

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PokerStars Team Pro Jason Mercier recently posted his latest blog post up on PokerStarsBlog with him talking about how he is approaching this year’s World Series of Poker. He is taking it in a completely different way to how he did last year, when he made a prop bet before the start that he would win a bracelet.

He never won a bracelet last year and perhaps that was because he was playing so many events in order to do so.

This year he plans to things completely different, hand picking the events that he wants to play without putting too much pressure on himself. He wants to play in all events that have a buy-in of $5k or mor, so about 20 in total.

“I love the schedule for this year’s WSOP, which is much more exciting for me this year than last year. I’m excited about all of the $10K events, especially the $10K razz and $10K 2-7 triple draw”

“Looking at the whole WSOP schedule, there are 20 events with buy-ins of $5K or more, and right now I’m looking at only playing those 20 events. I haven’t made any bracelet bets as yet, and I’m probably not going to, because I don’t want to be committed to having to play all of the smaller events.”

He also confirmed that he is likely to play the Big One For One Drop this year too, if he can get the cash together. He wants to have a far more relaxed WSOP experience and is glad that with the events that he has picked, he will get a few days off here and there in between action.

We feel it is definitely the way to go after a long grind last year. Rather than taking part in as many events as possible in search for a bracelet, concentrate on particular events and be far more relaxed.

Check out the full blog over at PokerStarsBlog, it is always interesting to listen to the thoughts of the world’s better players.