Migration Of Players As Full Tilt EU is Launched

News just in, poker players from three different countries have been migrated to the Full Tilt Poker EU site. This news comes as a bit of surprise because it is just a few days after the announcement that the EU site would go live in just a few weeks. Now, it seems that the site has already gone live, which is way ahead of schedule. The players who have been migrated to the site are from Greece, Slovenia and Luxembourg.

The new site is almost identical to the FullTiltPoker.com site. This is evidenced by the similarities in layer pools, promotions and poker tables. The FullTiltPoker.EU is actually a sister site to the official Full Tilt Poker site but is regulated in Malta. The reason for having a sister site in Malta is to allow players from Sweden and other such like countries to benefit from the tax exception offered to sites in the European Economic Area.

The motivation behind going live and the migration of players is believed to be the tax benefits offered to the players from certain areas in Europe. There are many European countries whose income tax laws stipulate that winnings from sites will be tax free if those sites are based within the EEA. By having a sister site in Malta, full Tilt can take full advantage of this aspect. The Full Tilt poker site is based in Europe but it is not considered to be a part of the EEA.

Other countries where players are expected to migrate to the new site include Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. For all the players from the countries included in the migration list, migration to the new site is a must. The players just need to accept the terms and conditions of the migration and they are ready to commence playing on the new site. There will be a few instances where the players will be prompted to download new software and they are required to do so to proceed playing. The account transactions will continue to be in US dollars and the playing experience is pretty much the same.

In the case of PokerStars, the PokerStars.EU was launched in early February of 2012. The first countries to have been transitioned over to the new site were Swedish and Finnish players. Since then, players from not less than five different countries have been transitioned over to the new site to enjoy the tax benefits. The commencement of the Full Tilt EU site might bring an upsurge in traffic to the site as more and more people who have played in the Poker Stars EU site are being encouraged to try out the newly relaunched FTP EU site.