Mizrachi Named As Ambassador For The ISPT

Those of us that follow poker will know that Michael Mizrachi is one of the biggest names in the game right now. He is up there with the Hellmuth’s, Chan’s, Brunson’s and Ivey’s, a true household name of the poker scene.

If you are one of the more in-depth types of fan you would have likely heard about the International Stadiums Poker Tour, a brand new tour that is spearheaded by a French financial company called Groupe Bernard Tapie.

This series promises to offer tournaments at many of the world’s biggest and most highly prestigious stadiums. The first tournament is to be held in England at the magnificent Wembley Stadium, it will run from the 31st of June right the way through to the 6th of June.

So in light of this the ISPT has been looking for a figure head in poker to be an ambassador of the series, step forward Michael”The Grinder” Mizrachi. This represents a huge signing for the ISPT, a big name to go along with their big plans. The series has already gained a lot of hype and notoriety and the signing of Mizrachi will only further increase this.

Mizrachi is the first player ever to win two $50k Poker Player Championships and has also picked up three WSOP bracelets in his professional poker career. He strongly feels that the ISPT is going to offer some of the best tournaments ever known to poker.

Why Mizrachi?

It is not just his double Poker Player Championships or his three bracelets, it is his all round consistency. He has also won two World Poker Tour Titles, is regularly cashing in both online and offline events and has amassed $14 million career winnings so far in his eight year career. That puts him 7th on the all time winnings list, and considering he has only been professional for just eight years that is pretty outstanding.

The tournament itself at Wembley is expected to attract a huge 30,000 players, which is just phenomenal. Most of these players will qualify online, going through a series of qualification tournaments. The players that remain will head to Wembley, where they will start to dream of whittling themselves right down to that final table.

Estimations on the first place payout is estimated at this time to be around 10 million Euro’s, this puts it almost on par with the WSOP Main Event.

Some people may be against the idea of holding poker inside sports arena’s such as this, however we here feel that this move could bring poker even more into the limelight…that really can only be a good thing for the progression of the beautiful game.