Moneymaker Losses Big Before WSOP

Profit and loss

You know World Series of Poker fever is kicking in when you start to see interviews such as this one on the television. PokerStars Team Pro Chris Moneymaker is no doubt the most notable WSOP Main Event winner in recent years after he became the first player to win after qualifying online at a poker site. This played a massive part in the subsequent poker boom which ended up being called the ‘Moneymaker Effect’.

Moneymaker talks To Monica Day from NBC about his history in poker, how it feels strange to have the ‘Moneymaker Effect’ named after him, why he does not feel anyone should give up their jobs to be a full time poker player and just how it felt bluffing Sam Farha in the WSOP win.

He then walks her through a hand of poker and gets emphatically beaten when she hits a set of kings.