More Controversy For Marafioti – And PokerStars Near The 85th Billionth Hand!

Matt Marafioti has had a rather controversial few months in poker and just doesn’t seem to be able to stay out of the limelight. This time he is being accused alongside Samer Rahman of conspiring to use a Trojan virus to view the hole cards of opponents.

The rather unfortunate…or perhaps undisciplined player Matt Marafioti has already been in the public eye recently, after making a rather embarrassing public attack on his ex girlfriend via twitter. Lauren King, who is also a poker professional acted with dignity through it all, whilst Marafioti just came across as juvenile.

This Time Its Far More Serious

This incident is more than just bad mouthing someone, this accusation concerns plans by both Marafioti and the Swedish player Samer Rahman to actually hack into opponents computers to be able to see their hole cards, this would allow them a huge advantage and the ability to profit massively.

After denying the allegations, there has since been skype conversations between the two players leaked on a well known poker forum. This was then followed by some disclosures by none other than the EPT’s William Reynolds by twitter that stated Marafioti did know about the hacking and even saw it working, though he denied ever using it himself.

The PokerStars Road To 100 Billion Continues

PokerStars is expecting the 85th Billionth hand to be achieved in the next few weeks, with them promising to give out lots of cash prizes leading up to that milestone hand.

There is more than likely to be prizes totaling more than a million dollars on offer, much the same as there was when they reached the 75 billionth and 80th billionth hands. For players to be eligible for any prizes, they must play on the real cash tables and have been dealt into one of the millionth hands between the 84,700,000,000 and 85,000,000,000.

Any players that are found to be involved in those hands will then win prizes between a few hundred and even a few thousand dollars depending on the stakes of the table that they are playing at. The player that actually wins the 85th Billionth hand is set to win at the very least $10,000.

Though the 100th billionth hand is set to be played sometime in 2013, the 85th during the next few weeks and the 90th later in the year will be played this year. This is just another reason why PokerStars should be the first place you go if you want to play online poker, no other site offers such bonuses as this, as well as everything else the site offers us poker players.