MTOPS Main Event Approaches – Players Can Multi Table

micro turbo online poker series

The Full Tilt Poker Micro Turbo Online Poker Series has been running for almost two weeks now and we are fast approaching the Main Event this Sunday. Once the series finishes up we would have witnessed a staggering 75 turbo micro stakes multi-entry tournaments bringing along with them a he number of significant winners.

What makes the MTOPS stand out is the unique multi-entry format that is used on the events. This is not to be confused with re-buys which are also available in the events but the ability for players to players to have multiple seats in the very same event.

This means that players could be sat at one table in the event with one buy-in, whilst sitting at another with a completely separate buy-in. Each event will have its own limits on just how many concurrent players you can have at the tables. This enables players to have more chance of cashing and for a very small investment to seeing as this is micro-stakes tournament poker.

Does this mean you could play with two or more seats at the same table?

No, the software will always ensure that your players are never on the same table as that would obviously be a colluding issue and unfair on the rest of the players on your table. Eventually when the field shrinks in size and there are not enough tables to have each of your players separated, the chips of two of your players will be combined into one stack and one of your players removed from the tournament. If you make the final table all of your chips will be combined and you will take your seat on that table with just the one account.

MTOPS Multi-Entry Challenge

To further promote this unique and fun format of tournament poker, Full Tilt Poker even has a Multi-Entry Challenge Leaderboard that will reward the very best performing multi-tablers. The player that finishes first will walk away with almost $2k worth of tournament tickets; this includes a ticket into every MiniFTOPS event and even a FTOPS Main Event seat.

How the leaderboard works.

  • One chip awarded for two cashes in a single event.
  • Three chips awarded for three cashes in a single event.
  • Six chips awarded for four cashes in a single event.
  • Ten chips for five cashes in a single event.
  • Twenty chips for six cashes in a single event.

Additionally, players can win money by making it far enough in a MTOPS event to see three or more of their stacks get merged. $500 will go to any player that merge three stacks in one event and will get another $500 for each additional merge after.

We think it’s a great format, so if you have not tried it out yet; you still have a couple of days to do so. Perhaps the Main Event this Sunday?