Nadal v Ronaldo For Charity (vids)

Rafael Nadal

Yesterday PokerStars revealed that two of their PokerStars Team SportStars will be going against each other at the poker tables for a charity tournament. The world’s number one ranked tennis player Rafa Nadal will be playing against Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo.

This tournament will be held at the European Poker Tour in Prague on the 12th of December and will include a selection of other sporting superstars and poker players such as footballer Andriy Shevchenko and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu.

This tournament will represent the first time that Nadal has played in a live event, something that he is obviously looking forward to. He is also a huge fan of Ronaldo and cannot wait to play against him on the felt. He said to PokerStars “Ronaldo has always been a hero of mine and I’m looking forward to taking him on at the poker table, The great thing about poker is that it’s a common ground for us to compete on, and there are many similarities between sport and poker strategy, so it will be good to see how he translates his game from the football field to the poker felt.”

Whilst Nadal is yet to play live, Ronaldo has taken part in a few live events including the EPT Barcelona earlier this year. Ronaldo also shared his anticipation of the event when talking to PokerStars when he said ”This is going to be a great event, and it’s one of the few opportunities that I have to take on Rafa and the other athletes on a level playing field. We are all sports professionals, but in completely different fields, and poker is the level ground on which we can all compete fairly.”

Nadal has been working hard to improve his game in time for this event as you can see from the videos down below: