Negreanu in $1 Million Online Poker Challenge?

Daniel Negreanu sketch

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu is the highest earner of all time when playing live tournaments, yet according to him he would also be just as successful playing poker online too.

Well after a Twitter debate with some of his followers it now seems that a $1 million challenge could be on the cards with him being put to the test in some high stakes cash games to see if he can come out as the winner.

It all began with this tweet which we can assume came after some questioned a few of his plays during the recently aired β€˜Big One For One Drop’ coverage in which he finished in second place for a payout of more than $8 million.

A few of his followers then commented on some plays and claimed that he would have trouble beating certain stakes online at PokerStars. This led to Negreanu claiming that he is confident he could beat any level if he put the work in.

The last tweet does make us wonder if he will take up this challenge but there seems to be no shortage of those that would take him up on any bets. The forums at 2+2 have already been talking about how this challenge needs to happen with many having split opinions on how well he would do at that level of online poker.

Some claim he has no chance whereas others have pointed out that Negreanu has access to the best poker coaches in the world and would have two weeks working with them to bring his game up to speed.

Even Dan Colman, the player that beat Negreanu in the One Drop would bet against Negreanu in this challenge, believing that nobody would be able to jump in and beat games at that level with just two weeks of work beforehand.

We are not sure how this prop bet would turn out for Negreanu but do know that it would certainly attract a huge online rail. Negreanu is one of the greatest poker players of all time but he has never been known for his online play, especially at high stakes.

So now it is just a case of wait and see as to whether this challenge actually materialises. Will he or won’t he? We will let you know as soon as we do ourselves.