Negreanu Asks For Softer Warnings

Please Be Patient

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu is known for publicly airing his opinion on issues that he feels strong enough about and is probably part of the reason why so many people respect him. His latest blog over at his site Full Contact Poker this time sees him voicing concern at the harsh penalties given out to new and/or amateur players.

He talks about an incident that happened just this week at the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event that was being played out during the European Poker Tour Barcelona. He was heading through the poker room to go and take part in the €50k Super High Roller that was going to play at the same time as the Estrellas Main Event when he was stopped by a Spanish man that was playing.

The man was a huge fan of Daniel’s and asked for a picture whilst he was the big blind in a hand that was about to begin. The man asked the small blind if he would mind taking the picture and he accepted. What happened next is what Negreanu disagrees with.

“Well, after the picture was snapped, the dealer quickly grabbed both of their hands and threw them in the muck. No warning. It’s just cold blooded man! The dealer made a mistake, because the way the First Card off the Deck rule is written, you need to be withing arms reach of your chair. Neither player broke any rules, but the dealer clearly didn’t understand the rule and mucked both their hands. Poor guy in the small blind gets punished for being a nice guy and taking a pic for the guy next to him. This is wrong.”

Negreanu argues that whilst he understands the need for rules and penalties for when rules are broken that a certain amount of common sense needs to be applied. He feels that these harsh penalties should be given only after a warning, simply because amateur players may not understand the rules or make simple errors.

“I’m asking, I’m pleading for a change in focus in these types of situations. More leniency, more understanding, more player friendly. Less rigorous, less harsh, and less cold blooded.”

You should take in the full blog post over at the site as is always the case, Negreanu puts his point across in a well thought out and intelligent manner.