Negreanu Blogs After Late Night Act Of Giving

give back written on stones

Just a few hours ago, PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu uploaded a new blog that he had literally just written after an experience he had on the way home from a night out drinking with some of his friends.

That experience was after he stopped off at 2.30am to get some ‘drunk food’, before eating it and noticing a homeless man sleeping on one of the benches near where he was sat. This experience affected so much that once he got home he had to write a blog about it.


He starts off by explaining that he has had a few drinks prior and during writing, though in all honesty we can find nothing wrong with his usually excellent standing of blog writing. He then gets about his little story of what had happened whilst munching on a vegan hotdog.

“There was a park bench right next to the vendor, three park benches actually, and I promptly sat down on the bench and gorged on one of my guilty pleasures. I noticed that two benches down laid a homeless man with a long gray beard peacefully sleeping. I don’t know this mans story, how he got there, who he was, but as I munched on this awesome meal I pondered about this fellow human being and what got him to where he was. What struggles he may have faced, what losses or abuse he may have dealt with. That thought process led me towards compassion for him.”

He carries on by explaining that this led to him feeling huge compassion for the man and what he might be able to do to make a bit of a difference for the guy.

Two girls had already been sat on one of the benches near to wear both Negreanu and the homeless man were and they witnessed the kind act of Negreanu putting $10 into the hands of the sleeping homeless man.

“I got close to him, put the two $5 bills into his hands, making sure that he had a firm grip on them. Once I placed them in his hand, I walked back to my hotel. The two girls obviously saw the whole thing and said, “You are a nice man.” 

Now whilst what Negreanu did was a nice thing, this is not the real point of his blog post. He talks about how many may describe his act as attention seeking, especially after coming straight home to share his story of giving.

But his real reasons for sharing his giving not only in front of the two girls but also through his blog is important for the bigger picture. The fact that it could show others the value of giving and not just to self-promote or try and portray himself as some kind of saint to the world.

To get the full point, you should read his full blog by heading to his website FullContactPoker, it is pretty insightful after a night on the tiles that is for sure.