Negreanu Blogs In Support Of Matusow

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If you caught our article yesterday on the penalization of Mike “The Mouth” Matusow during an event at the World Series of Poker, you will know that Daniel Negreanu was one of many players that were very vocal on Twitter in reaction to what they felt to be a very harsh penalty.

PokerStars Team Pro Negreanu has taken it a step further to publish a blog post about the incident.

“He ends up winning the pot, doesn’t berate anyone in the tournament, then celebrates loudly away from the table. Then, out of the blue Dave Lamb crosses the line of his duties in a big way by issuing Mike a one round penalty in the late stages of the game. This wouldn’t even happen in sports, as refs are typically very careful to call tacky fouls or penalties late in the game, and Mike’s “outburst” hurt no one.”

“How in the world can you justify such a harsh penalty without issuing a simple warning prior to that decision?”

Though the incident is the main talking point he actually takes a look at the bigger picture with regards to certain rulings and what they are doing to the game in general. He believes that there should be a warning given for first time offenders which can then escalate to a more serious penalty if the warning is not heeded.

Many TDA rules go direct to a penalty without warnings and this is what Negreanu is against. He feels that these penalties can be enough to scare amateur players away from the game for good.

“This happened to Alberto Tomba in San Remo, and YEARS later he is still afraid to enter an EPT event because he isn’t familiar with all the rules. A novice player scared away foolishly.”

It is always interesting to hear Negreanu’s thoughts and in the main he is usually right in his thinking.