Negreanu On The Mike McDonald Stare Down (vid)

If there was one thing that defines Mike “Timex” McDonald apart from his obvious talent for playing top notch poker what would it be? Yup, that infamous stare down of his.

It has always been a talking point among his fellow poker players with many feeling that it is a little on the excessive side whilst others just put down as a part of the game. Well, PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu has witnessed this stare on a number of occasions now with the most recent being at the EPT London Super High Roller back in October of last year.

Both were playing on the feature table of the event and involved in a hand when Negreanu could do little more than laugh when his opponent tried to stare him down.

PokerStars have been releasing their coverage of the Super High Roller event, something that we have been covering here too. They have released four episodes so far with the last of them being here. However, it was in the second episode where this little skit that Daniel Negreanu has just posted up on his Twitter account came from. He talks about the stare before comparing it to John Juanda’s.


Judging by this following tweet from McDonald himself not so long ago, the stare down was around long before he started playing poker.