Negreanu Offers Poker Advice

Advice written

You do not become one of the greatest poker players in the game without knowing more than the average player about strategy. PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu has six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles to his name along with many other tournament wins and is quite rightly seen as one of the most active poker ambassadors in the game today.

He often shares his thoughts and opinions through his twitter account, video blogs and his personal blog and they come in many other forms as well.

A recent example of how he is always trying to educate others can be found on his Twitter account, where he first encourages people to take a look at a hand played out between Brian Rast and Phil Laak and secondly directs people to his blog on Full Contact Poker where he has written on some basic strategy for his favourite poker variation Stud 8.

The poker hand he suggests people should watch if they are learning the ropes with poker strategy is a very interesting one from both players perspective. It took a well thought out bluff to really put Rast to a very difficult decision, a decision he mulled over and micro analysed before making the correct play. Would you have been either to pull off either plays by the respective players? This is especially when you consider the amount of money that was being played for.


As for the Stud 8 basic strategy guide, who better to learn the game from than one of its masters? It is not one of the more commonly played variations of poker, especially for newcomers to the game but is a favourite for many top pros including Negreanu. Stud 8 is quite a confusing game to learn for beginners as there are actually two pots to play for the majority of the time. There is the Hi pot and Lo pot, both being won from the same hand. The Hi pot consists of getting the best Hi ranked hand using the standard hand rankings for Stud poker whilst the Lo hand requires getting the five lowest cards in your hand. He lets you understand this as he takes you through the rules, the starting hands you should and should not be playing and everything else to get you started. It is a long read but well structured and well worth taking in if you want to get a head start on the variation. So take a look at both below, learn and then wait until his next golden nuggets of strategy to come through Negreanus’ various platforms.