Negreanu Tops Social Media Rankings

keyboard and social media icons

We live in the social media generation, a generation where literally everything we do, think about or have an opinion on can be shared via a variety of different social media platforms. Everyone can now have an audience for their lives.

We can promote our websites, interests, hobbies and lifestyles, we can tell the world the mood we are in, what we did on the weekend and just how painful our trip to the dentist was. This can all be taken in by our friend’s family and anyone else that wants to follow our lives.

Social media is a phenomenon that just will not stop growing. Facebook for example has more than 1 billion active users, that’s one in seven people on the planet. Even Doyle Brunson is a regular tweeter!

As far as poker goes, social media is used by professional poker players to either help promote the site they represent, connect with their fans and fellow players or to document their latest bad beat story.

However, just which professional players utilise social media the most successfully?

Well, a recent post over at PokerStarsBlog can answer just that. They used a couple of social media measuring systems to tell us just which players attracted the most interest through social media through their influence.

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu came out on top, which, to many of you will not be too much of a surprise. Anyone that follows him on Twitter will know that he is very vocal; he never blocks followers (well until last night when he finally announced he blocked his first follower) and is very honest with his opinions. Being one of the best players in the world obviously helps too.


What is very contrasting is that he leads Phil Ivey, who has three times as many followers simply because he is more active. Ivey is actually fairly new to social media (though he must have had a team managing it for him before he sent out the tweet below) and has only really started to make use of it in the last couple of years.


Others in the list include Liv Boeree in 3rd place who is always updating fans on everything that she is doing. She also loves vines as any of you that follow her will no doubt already know. She has nothing on the career earnings of the majority of the list but knows how to market herself through social media and does it extremely well.

Further back we have the likes of Viktor Blom, Joe Hachem, Jason Mercier and the ‘Poker Brat’ himself Phil Hellmuth.

We strongly recommend checking out the full rankings, they might just throw up a few surprises.