Negreanu – Why He Said No To NBC Heads-Up Champs (vid)

Daniel Negreanu has just released his latest video blog, with the primary reason being why he will be missing the upcoming invitational NBC Heads-Up Championships. He also goes on to talk about his Millionaire Matchmaker experience and his still ongoing search for his dream girl.

With regards to his upcoming non-appearance at the NBC Heads Up Championship, whilst he says that the short answer is that he has a “prior engagement” he feels that he should go deeper into the reasons why he will not be there.

He puts it down to ‘integrity’ and the fact that although he loves the event and would previously not have missed it for the world, he has been thinking about his life and just what integrity means.

He goes on to explain that poker over the years has pushed so many people he loves away from him, with his proof of that being that his three closest friends are in fact his agent, two assistants and his golfing guy. All of these people are being paid by him, and although he states he is sure they would still be his friends if that was not the case, all his old friends have been put in the shade due to his poker career.

He has said that he promised friends before this tournament was scheduled that he will be there for them on that weekend and whilst they are very open to him not attending, he wants to change his philosophy and what matters more to him, his poker or his friends and family.

He openly admits that just two years ago he would have changed his plans and gone for poker over love, no matter what. However, he has seen the light and realised that although poker is important to him, there are things in life that are more important.

His Millionaire Matchmaker Experience!

He went on to talk about his television appearance in the reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker in which whilst he is still friends and has absolutely nothing against his match Lindsay on the show, they never got it together.

He then talked about how his search is still ongoing for his perfect dream girl, despite convincing himself years ago that it is great to be single. He has realised though he is a true romantic at heart and that single life is not for him.

He wants children, he wants a family life and doesn’t want to potentially ruin his first meeting with the woman he wants to be with simply because he is with another woman that he doesn’t. So for now he is just concentrating on becoming the sort of man that his dream girl will want, when he finally does meet her.

Here is his latest video blog. It really does hit home what is important in life and the decisions that we can make that sometimes can be self centred and hurt us down the line.