Negreanu On His WSOP And Clear Intentions

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PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu has returned with his latest blog post for PokerStarsBlog and he concentrates on how things went for him during the World Series of Poker and one thing he this time around did differently.


He begins explaining that although he did not manage to get another WSOP bracelet, he is extremely happy with cashing a total of nine times for a total of $8.5 million. He is also confident of doing well enough at the WSOP APAC to have another shot at becoming the WSOP Player of the Year.

He then explains that the reason he loves the World Series of Poker is because of the wide selection of poker variants that are available to play.

“What I love most about the WSOP is the fact that we get a chance to play games outside of no limit hold’em. I enjoy no limit hold’em, but for me it’s by far the most boring poker variant so I always feel like a kid in a candy store during WSOP.”

He then goes on to talk about how he approached the WSOP a little differently this year by writing a daily journal of his thoughts and intentions for the day.

 “My intention for day one is to end the day with 100k in chips on my way to winning the event two nights from now. The ways of being I will choose to be: joyful, focused, intense, humble, engaging, calm, present, and connected.”

He is a strong believer in speaking out your intentions at the start of the day and whilst he agrees that these intentions will not always come to fruition with regards to both life and poker, just having them as something you wish to accomplish as a goal is a great help.

He feels that everybody should have a purpose each day rather than starting the day not knowing what they want to do and simply just going through the motions.

Negreanu himself claims to be very goal driven and you can see that from the success that he has attained throughout his career. This is why his blog post is a must read for any up and coming player that is looking to try and emulate at least some of that success.