Negreanu’s 2013 profits and plans for 2014

Daniel Negreanu smiling
Daniel Negreanu’s efforts to give back to the poker world have been nothing short of exemplary. We can’t show our appreciation enough for someone that is willing to give book reviews of the subject of poker, question and answer sessions on Twitter backed up by a video reply and the vast number of growing tips that he’s been brain dumping on Twitter. Wait! There’s more…

Daniel Negreanu has not only enlightened us with poker wisdom, he’s also given us a poker celebrity owing to his flawless ability to entertain the masses. He simply is a joy to cover on the news as well as a joy to watch under any circumstances. Probably one of the funniest moments was his Phil Hellmuth impression on The Big Game!

All of this packed into one personality and at the same time you pick up some priceless information regarding poker on and off the poker felt, as well as on and off the subject of poker itself.

Keeping your fan base must be hard work, but the Team PokerStars Pro works hard at it. Here are a few examples of what we mean by taking the time to put in the effort.

On Twitter he recently helped us out with his stats and this should serve well for those of you looking to vote for him in the race to the finish, in the up and coming PokerStars Caribbean Adventure competition on PokerStars.

We also get an inside look at the poker related goals Daniel has set himself for next year. He’s given us a goal to play in less tournaments for one, and this is probably owing to his desire to see more of the world away from the poker rooms and casinos. Plus, we know where to expect his cheerful character to make an appearance on the poker circuit in 2014.

It’s always good to know that poker players also get some time to enjoy their cash. Liv Boeree is one player that certainly lives life to the full. In one of Daniel’s recent videos he expressed a desire to get out there and travel while taking a break at the same time. Maybe taking a leaf out of Liv’s book, who knows! Check out some of the exotic locations Daniel is planning for a visit on his well-earned vacation time. The one thing that strikes you the most is that there is a possibility he’ll running his world gauntlet in the pleasure of his own company, unless he can peel his brother of the living room couch so it seems!

Finally, going back to his book reviews, he is well on his way to getting that David Beckham abs check before he turns forty. A well organised Daniel has made a list and put a picture up of his target. There’s nothing like a bit of motivation. Good luck in all your adventures Mr Negreanu, we’re routing for you all the way!