New Bad Beat Record Amount Paid Out At Caesars

Imagine the emotional rollercoaster of feelings involved in this. You look down at your quads and are almost counting all of your opponents chips as you both go all in, you are getting ready to throw the cards down and gather all of the chips in the pot when suddenly your opponent throws down a straight flush, you feel absolutely dumbfounded, then suddenly somebody tells you that you have just won 220k for being beaten with that bad beat….it beggars belief.

I would certainly need some fresh air after all that lot.

This happened in Atlantic City and resulted in each player playing poker in each of the four Caesars properties in the city being awarded a share of $958 each as part of the deal. That equated to 400 players being given the payout after sharing $787,320, with of course the biggest winner being Narong Sae Whited who collected $237,154 for being the unlucky loser of the hand but extremely lucky to gain the bad beat bonus.

His quads losing out to a king high straight flush against Nick Angelakopoulos, triggered the reward and actually earned him more than double he would have won by winning the hand.

This bad beat jackpot had been going since March this year after the previous payout was just $281,000 with this one also beating out the previous record of $672,115 shared between Caesars poker customers.

Since the win, the jackpot fund was reset but already stands at over $400,000. It works by slowly reducing the hand required to win the fund on a two weekly rota. To win it initially you have to have a four of a kind of four kings or better to be beaten by a hand, then it goes down by a four of a kind ranking every two weeks after, so next time it will be queens or better.

It continues on this trend right up until it hits four of a kind deuces and stays there until the bad beat occurs. The fund is accumulated by a small amount from each table hand at each of the four venues being credited to the fund, until the bad beat occurs, of which the fund is reset again ready for the next time.

Sae Whited will be absolutely thrilled by his unlucky but lucky win, as would any of us. It is certainly a nice touch by Caesars to have a bonus scheme such as this one, where in many cases the runner up in the hand is actually better off after winning the bonus.

Of course, if this record is ever beaten again, we will be here to let you know all about it.