New FT Pros and 371 Hit PokerStars Supernova Elite


The end of the year at both of the world’s top two poker sites has brought a number of their players some rather nice New Year gifts. PokerStars revealed just how many of their players made it to Supernova Elite last year whilst Full Tilt Poker revealed the winners of their sponsorship competition.

Over the past six months Full Tilt Poker has been running a promotion in which players have been able to battle it out in order to win themselves a sponsorship deal with the site.  The idea was for the players to compete in various disciplines in order to be the best come the end of the year to get hold of those much wanted sponsorship contracts. The competition has been running since the 1st of July and was completed on the 31st of December and the results have now finally been revealed by the site.


Jasonc6” – HU SNG

Silent_0ne69” – MTT

Betong” – FTOPS

Triviani20” – NL/PL Hold’em High

MadSickoHead“ – PLO Low

feliceko” – PLO High

stronghawk” – Other

moos29” – HU Ring

Trickshot625” – Rush Low

PlayinWitDreams” – Rush High

With this competition finished Full Tilt Poker has already started up another to find themselves the next bunch of players that are deemed good enough to represent the site.

Supernova Elite Players At PokerStars

The world’s best online poker site PokerStars also had some news to reveal yesterday too. PokerStars revealed over on 2+2 just how many players managed to make Supernova Elite with their VPP’s in 2013. There was a total of 371 players that managed to reach the dizzy heights of Supernova Elite last year, just a little less than the 375 that achieved it in 2012.

Any player that manages to accrue Supernova Elite status is able to take advantage of benefits that are worth more than $100k. These benefits include anything from tournament buy-ins and hotel accommodation when playing events.

With 2013 over it is now time for the players to start all over again in the hunt to be a Supernova Elite in 2014.

The Most VPPs Achieved In 2013

1st) 4,501,829

2nd) 4,000,000

3rd) 3,562,368

4th) 3,000,080

5th) 2,512,858