New Poker Movie With Steven Seagal & Vinnie Jones

Production clapper board

We think it is universally acceptable to say that the rather hyped “Runner Runner” poker movie that was released last year was pretty awful, yet we do have a glimmer of hope with a new poker related movie being released this year.

Anything has to be better than last year’s attempt at a poker movie right? Let’s hope so!

The movie called “Gutshot Straight” has been directed by Justin Steele and includes some pretty notable names throughout its cast. This includes George Eads who is mostly known for his role in CSI, cast as the lead role, Steven Seagal who is obviously well known for his long list of action movies and finally Vinnie Jones who is probably more known for grabbing Paul Gascoinges’ privates in a football match than he is for his movie roles.

The movie is set to be released initially in North America this coming September 1st and is thought to be about a professional poker player that gets himself dangerously involved with an underworld gambler. Archstone Distribution bought the international rights for the movie and has already sold it to the UK, Japan, Germany and a whole host of other nations across the world.

To be honest, we are not holding up too much hope that this will be anywhere near as successful as Rounders (probably the last decent poker movie released) as even the trailer shows no poker in it at all. Still, we should all see it before judging it.

As for Rounders, we have been teased about a sequel for the last four years now, yet there is still nothing official that has been said as of yet. There are rumours that it will be happening at some point but we will just have to wait and see.

We do feel that the poker industry does need a great new poker movie to inject help create a fresh boom of players that come into the game from the movie in much the way that ‘Rounders’ did and something that current players can really relate to.

Anyhow, take a quick look at the trailer for the upcoming “Gutshot Straight” poker movie that is to hit screens across the world anytime soon.