New PokerStars Team Online Pro Introduces Himself (vid)

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The new PokerStars Team Online players have now had a week to settle into their new roles and the first of them to come out and introduce himself is that of Austrian pro Matthias Brandner. He took to PokerStarsBlog to introduce himself and let us all learn a little about what his poker strengths are and what else he does outside of the game.

He was one of three lucky Supernova players that were chosen after applying for the positions on the team and he was quick to show his appreciation at being given the opportunity to represent the world’s most successful online poker site.

“This is my first blog entry, so allow me to briefly introduce myself. First of all, my name is Matthias Brandner, and I’m very glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to join this great team and represent my favourite poker site out there. I’m an avid cash game player who specialises in the lesser known games – such as Razz, 2-7, or Badugi. I’ve studied and played the latter a lot. I hope I can bring those games a bit closer to you and tell you how I balance poker and my life around it.”

Brandner is different to the norm when it comes to his poker variations of choice. He prefers to play the variations that are considered not as popular among the rest. He loves the lowball style games and obviously excels at them.

“Nowadays I’m playing Badugi up to FL 100/200 and the other games up to FL 30/60. I hope I can establish myself there further while managing to gather interest for these games and bring more players into them. Besides playing online as I always do, I’ll write regular blog articles, will be active on Twitter and on internet forums, and play some live. I plan to play EPT Vienna in the middle of March”.

He also goes on to explain his other outside interests including that of finishing his studies in I.T. and psychology and that of his love for music. He even has a YouTube channel where he uploads recordings of him playing the piano.

For the full blog, simply head over to PokerStarsBlog but in the mean time he has even shared other avenues that players and fans alike can follow him on, so check them out.

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