New rules for the European Poker Tour

Steve O'Dwyer

We all know that there is no point in fixing something that is not broken, so some poker players might be surprised to hear that the PokerStars European Poker Tour rules will be tweaked. The popular tournament will undergo minor changes as a result of players demanding late registration, more fixed and pot limit hold’em tournaments, diverse payouts and different highroller schedules.

Neil Johnson was in charge of presenting these conclusions to the audience and the PokerStars Live Events specialist chose the 2+2 forum to spread the news. One of the changes states that highroller tournaments will no longer be restricted to two days, which is great news after the previous tournaments were frequently pushed into a third day due to many players buying in.

On the flip side, those who were hoping to see the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller on TV will be slightly disappointed because the tournament won’t be televised. Late registration was among the requests of many poker players and Neil Johnson was glad to announce that these suggestions led to a change in the EPT rules. For regular tournaments, players will be allowed to register until level 5 begins while the Main event will allow late registration up to the start of level 9.

A poker tournament is only as good as the prizes it offers, but the distribution of payouts is just as important as the sum itself. PokerStars European Poker Tour will pay at least 1.7 times the amount of the buy-in, with 13% to 15% of entrants to finish in the money. The bubble stage is arguably the most intense part of the tournament before the final table and balancing the bubble has been a priority for the organisers as a result of numerous requests being made by prospective players.

Their demands were listened and as a result, the payouts will be made immediately after a table breaks, unlike previous editions when it was made before. 71 places will be paid instead of the regular 72, a slight difference that means a great deal for poker players who wanted the tables to be equal handed for a fairer bubble stage. All these changes are the result of several meetings between EPT representatives and players, with their purpose being to create a better gaming environment. Some modifications will be made to the EPT awards but Neil Johnson didn’t reveal a great deal about what these changes are actually about.