News: Antonio Esfandiari Wins $18,346,673 at the WSOP 2012 Big One for One Drop

Antonio Esfandiari was an unexpected entrant at one of pokers prestigious events, the Big One Big Drop event. He hadn’t been going to take a chance on this event but was swayed by his recent close shave with wining a bracelet. This experience gave him a taste for bigger things. Before the game Esfandiari felt it was a big risk to take but appeared to have some inner insight into what could happen.

The buy-in for the poker event was $111,111. The cash prize for the WSOP was an immense amount $18,346,673 and is a new record for the Big One Big Drop. The bracelet that he won is a unique bracelet made from platinum and is worth a cool $350,000.The previous big win for this event was in 2006 when Jamie Gold won $12,000,000. Although Antonio has been playing poker for some time and has been very profitable for him this is the largest reward he has won. He is a popular player and it’s a surprise to many that he has only 2 bracelets now under his belt. Perhaps with this surprising event win Antonio Esfandiari will continue on his winning spree and begin collecting more well deserved bracelets.

The final table at the Big One Big Drop was an exciting and enjoyable event to watch. The players at the table created an extra twist of interest and enthralling intrigue. Richard Yong the popular Chinese player was playing alongside Esfandiari as well as Brian Rast and Sam Trickett two young and up and coming players. Other players who played and weren’t able to snatch the poker bracelet included Bobby Baldwin, Guy Laliberté and David Einhorn. The fascinating mix created a fun and creative poker event that not only led to the biggest win at this particular WSOP event ever but was a great experience for all involved.

Once Laliberté’s pre-flop all-in was called by Antonio they amused the crowd by putting on clown noses and proceeding to perform an impromptu mock cuddle. Although this should have been a tense situation, and maybe underneath it was, on the surface the atmosphere was jovial. Both players know each other well and this event would also raise much needed money for charity.

When Laliberté was eliminated he ended in 5th Place to rowdy cheers from the audience. David Einhorn finished in 3rd Place and it is expected that his $4,352,000 winnings will go to charity just like many of his other wins have gone to in the past.

Trickett and Esfandiari were the last to play and the chips were 41,500,000 to Antonio and 102,475,000 to Sam. The end was in sight when Esfandiari raised 1,800,000 on the button and Sam Trickett decided to call. After several more nail biting moves Esfandiari won when the river card was finally turned by the dealer. Esfandiari was pretty speechless at this outcome and his family and friends were there to share the moment with him.

The winning cash for all the other players was: Trickeet in 2nd place with $10,112,001, $2,645,333for Hellmuth’s 4th place win, in 5th place Laliberté with $1,834,666, 7th place Baldwin with $1,408,000 and 8th place Yong with $1,237,333.