Neymar Deals With WC Loss With Some Poker

Neymar celebrates

It was certainly not the best time for Brazilian superstar Neymar at this years World Cup finals hosted in his home country.

After initially starting out as the favourites and going on to put in some impressive performances, Brazil lost their star player after he sustained a back injury which ruled him out of the latter matches in the tournament. To make matters even worse, they were then demolished by Germany in the semi-final 7-1 with Neymar not being able to do anything but watch.

So just how did Neymar cope with the loss? Well according to an interview in a little more than a week ago, he played some poker.

“I switched off the TV and said – damn, I don’t want to see this shit. Let’s play poker.”

He would not be the first Brazilian footballing legend to confirm that he likes to play poker and will probably not be the last. PokerStars Team SportStar Ronaldo is also known for his love of the game, just as his former strike partner Bebeto.

We also have some proof that he loves the game too. One of the latest pictures to appear on his InstaGram account is that of him and his friends taking part in a home game. We just wonder what sort of stakes they are playing and who went on to win.