Niels Van Leeuwen lifts the trophy at FPS Deauville 2014

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Season 3 of FPS Deauville brought together a record field of 1,095 players, but due to the fact that the buy in was reduced to €1,100, the prize pool was a bit lower than in 2012. Two years ago, Marvin Rettenmaier became the first champion and collected €244k for his performance, while Patrick Braga from Canada walked in his footsteps the next year for a cool prize of €165k.

This time it was Niels Van Leeuwen’s time to shine and the Dutchman can be truly proud of his performance at the FPS Deauville 2014. He never lost contact with the leading pack and stood within striking distance to both Day 2 chip leader Corentin Ropert and final table deep stack Jean-Paul Vasseur. He brought the third deepest stack to the final table and did a fine job at turning his 3.8 million chips into €175,000, while postponing the moment the hosts have been waiting for.

They were counting on a countryman to lift the trophy, but despite the fact that more than half of the finalists were French, none of them could prevent Niels Van Leeuwen from winning. Jean-Paul Vasseur exceeded expectations this year, as the amateur player took everyone by surprise when he caused the elimination of Yehoram Houri in third. He played for an additional six hours, until his A-7 ran into Van Leeuwen’s pocket kings.

Yehoram Houri started the day with one of the shortest stacks but his experience on the poker felt proved to be invaluable. Poker professional Erwann Pecheux was also among those who survived the previous three days, but he could do nothing more but consolidate his position. He finished 6th behind former chip leader Corentin Ropert, while fellow poker pro Fahd Kaabat who won the Deepstack Open on Monday was the first to be eliminated.

All those who cashed in collected a hefty payout, but those 8 who made the final table got the lion’s share. Some of them might buy in for Day 1B at the EPT Main Event €5,300 European Poker Tour Deauville, but meanwhile they will collect a check for this accomplishment.

These are the 8 finalists at the FPS Deauville 2014:

1st) Niels Van Leeuwen– €175,000

2nd) Jean-Paul Vasseur– €115,000

3rd) Yehoram Houri – €82,100

4th) Corentin Ropert– €60,100

5th) Christophe Leroux– €45,000

6th) Erwann Pecheux – €33,000

7th) Mathieu Mariani– €25,000

8th) Fahd Kaabat– €21,580