Niklas Heinecker extends his winning streak

Dollar in keyboard

Niklas “ragen 70” Heinecker was the most successful poker player at the nosebleed limits last year and he was optimistic about his chances to replicate that performance in 2014. He did a decent job in the first three months, but didn’t come even remotely close to the numbers posted one year ago. April started on a high note and in just three days, Heinecker added a cool $1.4 million to his already impressive bankroll.

The staggering amount is not the only impressive thing about his recent performance, as the German poker professional won similar amounts each day. He scored his latest big win yesterday for a total of $514,000, despite the fact that he faced some of the best players in the world. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey was the most resilient opponent and faced Heinecker at different tables in consecutive sessions, but at the end of the day he had to accept a sizeable loss of more than $300,000.

He didn’t venture on uncharted territory and instead stuck to his favourite game of 2-7 Triple Draw poker, at tables where the blinds went as high as $2k/$4k. The heads-up duel with Phil Ivey lasted a bit over one hour and made him $150,000 richer. Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom, PostflopAction, samrostan and thecortster did their best to stop the German in his tracks but they had no chance against him.

He won more than the other three most successful players of the day combined, but the latter were quite happy with the outcome. Hac Dang also played at 2-7 triple draw tables but was wise enough to avoid Heinecker and significant loses, while winning more than $250,000 at one 8-Game table. In the end, he lost a third of his profits but still finished way above the profitability line.

Kyle Ray and Viktor Blom resumed their lasting rivalry at the FLO8 tables and the heads-up ended in a bit over two hours and with Ray $209k richer. Elsewhere, Ben Tollerene took the $500/$1000 CAP PLO tables by storm and crushed the competition, including Isildur1 who sat out with $27,000 less. Tollerene concluded his relatively short session one hour later with a six digit profit and can afford to take a break from poker this weekend.

These were the four players who raked the biggest profits yesterday:

  1. ragen70 – $514.300
  2. KPR16 – $209.200
  3. trex313 – $161.900
  4. Bttech86 – $109.300