No Deal For “petesgotaces” At Sunday Million Final Table

The Turbo Championships of Online Poker at PokerStars may be finished, but that fact went largely unnoticed as yesterday’s Sunday Million drew a heavy crowd of 7,584 runners. All in all, a more than $1.5 million prize pool was generated, with $227,524 going to the player lucky enough to take home the top spot.

As per usual, Team PokerStars members showed up in droves, although the professional players did not fare as well as in previous weeks, with only two making the money and none reaching the final table. Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara was the top finisher from the team, coming in at 315th. Perennial tournament ace Marcel Luske also earned some winnings with a finish in 622nd place.

When the tournament got down to the final table (after 11 hours of grueling play), there were no runaway chip stacks and even the smallest stack stood a chance of moving up the pay ladder.

Final Table

“levan-geo” – 12,210,916

“ch0ppy” – 11,068,125

“henne205” – 10,985,329

“petesgotaces” – 10,629,661

“Lukie99” – 9,138,323

“ohulahan1” – 7,589,416

“LoredanKK” – 6,538,640

“Kaymanys” – 5,685,522

“gypsymagi820” – 1,994,068

Working a little trickery, “gypsymagi820” got a pair of much needed double-ups and moved back into contention, while “Kaymanys” was not so lucky, running an ill-timed bluff attempt into the Jc-Jd of “petesgotaces.” “Legan-geo” was the next to have his dreams crushed as a string of bad cards forced him to ship it in with As-2c. The same end awaited “LoredanKK” as the Romanian player could never gain any traction at the final table.

The action may have been furious, but no player was ready to give up without a fight. “gypsymagi820” and “petesgotaces” fought for the chip lead while the remaining five looked for a chance to build a healthy stack. For “ohulahan1,” it was sadly not to be as his As-Kd ran into the flopped quads of “petesgotaces.”

“Lukie99” and “henne205” suffered a similar fate, running out of time and luck as the other three players started to make a run for the top position. Of these three, “ch0ppy” found his way to the rail first, leaving “petesgotaces” and “gypsymagi820” alone to duke it out. No deal was made, meaning that the two players would be playing for the full amount.

When head’s up play commenced, “gypsymagi820” held a slight lead, but it would not be long before “petesgotaces” doubled his stack. The last hand saw the Ad-Jd of “gypsymagi820” being dominated by As-Qh after all the money went in preflop. By the turn, “petesgotaces” completed a full house and his opponent was drawing dead.

Sunday Million Payouts (02/03/2013)

1st – petesgotaces – $227,524.92

2nd – gypsymagi820 – $167,409.21

3rd – ch0ppy – $121,344.00

4th – henne205 – $80,390.40

5th – Lukie99 – $62,188.80

6th – ohulahan1 – $47,020.80

7th – LoredanKK – $32,611.20

8th – levan-geo – $18,201.60

9th – Kaymanys – $11,755.20