Notkin Claims PokerStars Canada Cup Win


A dramatic four way all-in by the remaining players in the PokerStars Canada Cup saw Robert Notkin come out on top to scoop the title and first place payout of $366,660. The $3,300 event that initially attracted 578 registrations saw the completion of Day 5 yesterday and revealed Notkin as the new champion.

Most of you may assume that this four way all-in was already pre-agreed by the players, yet in this case it really was not. Notkin, a $30 PokerStars online satellite winner, was already holding the chip lead but in a memorable final hand he eliminated each of them in one fatal blow.

He began by limping in when holding the Kc-Kh, then came an all-in push from Justin miller who was holding the Ks-Qh, Vincent Jacques decided to also went all-in over the top with the Ah-10d whilst Ryan Rivers decided to call with his 8c-8h.

Amazingly he managed to fade all of his opponent’s outs on a board of 3h-7d-Js-7h-5c to take home the title in glorious style. This fantastic finish drew plenty of attention across social media, as you can tell by the following tweets from well known poker players.

Many questioned some of the actions of the other players, yet if they realize that Notkin only limped in with the Kings, the play does actually make quite a lot of sense from the other players. Either way, it is going to be some time until we see a championship decided any better than that, from four to one in a single hand!

The Final Standings

1st) Robert Notkin            $366,660

2nd) Vincent Jacques       $257,280

3rd) Ryan Rivers $165,280

4th) Justin Miller                $122,410

5th) Rayan Chamas           $91,760

6th) Ankush Mandavia    $73,520

7th) Thiago Nishijima       $61,300

8th) Francois Goulet         $48,880

9th) James Armstrong     $36,660