Now That’s A Burger Phil Hellmuth (vid)


Phil Hellmuth is hardly new to sponsoring products but his latest really is a mouthwatering feast. He recently shared a Carls Jr. commercial on Twitter which he has appeared in. This commercial is to be screened all across America in an effort to promote the awesome looking Texas BBQ ThickBurger.

Hellmuth is symbolic to poker and is one of the few players that are known by people that are not even overly familiar to the game. He is known for being a champion of champions in the game, so it makes sense that products would use him to promote their goods.

Additionally, there are obvious links between the Carl Jr. Texas BBQ ThickBurger he takes a bite out of and Texas Hold’em poker which we do not feel the need to point out.

The commercial shows him diving right into the ingredients before taking a big bite of what can only be described as devilishly heavenly. The Texas BBQ ThickBurger looks absolutely delicious it has to be said. What with the jalapenos, smoked brisket and Angus beef all within a freshly baked bun.

We do wonder how he manages to take a bite without getting any of the sauce on his face mind you. He may be god like at the poker tables but we are pretty sure that Hellmuth is as normal as the rest of us and would most likely create a bit of a mess after taking a bite of that monster burger.

Still, mess or no mess, that burger looks well worth it and the commercial is sure to have customers heading in their droves to try it out.


Now that the 13 time bracelet winner is done with lunch for the day, we assume he will be getting ready for a certain WSOP APAC that is going to kick off at the start of October. He will be gunning for his 14th World Series of Poker bracelet and hoping that the likes of Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey (who are his closest rivals on 10 bracelets apiece) do not attend.

We expect they will though, along with many of the world’s very best poker professionals. Each will be looking to earn big money and more importantly a WSOP bracelet or two.