“Odd_Oddsen” Bests The Online Grinders For September

The month of September saw another months worth of high quality high stakes action on PokerStars as “Odd_Oddsen” toppled everyone to bring home a monthly profit of $830k. There were in fact six players throughout the month that managed to turn a profit of $500k or more.

Oddsen has only been a known entity on the high stakes tables since July, in which time he has not hung around in pulling in the profit.

In fact since he has been noticed on the table he has already managed to bank around $1.4 million, with him only playing on one stake and one variation of poker…the $200/$400 pot Limit Omaha.

The Month That Was!

Though he has performed very well throughout the whole month of September, his biggest profits came on the 8th and 9th of September, where he taught a newcomer to the highstakes tables a little bit of a lesson. He took a grand total of $400k in little more than 6 hours.

“FaKeOrReal” was the player in question, who has since put that defeat to bed by becoming one of the top performing players in the month of September. He actually went on to win $484k in the very week he lost all of that money to Odd_Oddsen.

Another player who had a good start to September was “Chung Ho” who managed to persuade a total of $400k out of the newly Full Tilt sponsored pro Gus Hansen. He achieved this on the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables; Hansen actually managed to lose a total of 971k in the entire month.

Biggest Had In September!

The biggest hand of the month did in fact fall to ‘Odd_Oddsen” when he was playing at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables. He managed to snare a massive pot of $119k in one hand when he flopped a set and fought off the flush and straight draw of his opponent “azn_ballers3”.

Viktor Tries Again!

It makes you wonder if PokerStars might have been on to something when they sensationally dropped Viktor Blom, he has had a terribly year and is becoming known as a player who starts well and doesn’t seem to know when to call it a day.

This happened again in September when he built a profit of $468k and then managed to lose it…and more to end the month another $468k down. He is famous for his big rushes though and he is very capable of going on a big run, so we will see as the year pans out.

Septembers Biggest Winner’s

• Odd_Oddsen +$829.9k

• Chung ho +$662.5k

• Kanu7 +$652k

• Sauce123 +$614.6

• Jeans89 +$530.5k

• Ben86 +$500k