Online Cash Games Movers And Shakers


Niki Jedlicka took a lengthy break from poker but after spending more than a year away from the tables, he came back with vengeance and won half a million yesterday. He stuck to his favourite game and played exclusively at 8-Game tables, against some of the biggest names and emerged victorious. Jedlicka faced Crazy Elior, Phil Ivey, jungleman12 and FinddaGrind over three sessions and none of these poker pros stood a chance.

Jedlicka had a relatively slow start but less than seven hours after sitting down at the poker tables, he won $137,000. This was the impetus he needed to shift into a more aggressive gear and the next two sessions lasted just over one hour. He won another $380,000 at two tables to emerge as the day’s biggest winner, ahead of Follow The Hawk. This professional won in excess of $400k playing Triple Draw poker and inflicted serious damage to Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Trueteller and Niklas Heineker.

Alexonmoon and Follow The Hawk locked horns at the same tables, but they didn’t play big pots against each other. This is how it was possible for both of them to finish the day with a six-digit profit, for a combined $700,000. Phil Ivey lost over $1 million over the last week of March but recovered some of those loses in the last two days, winning a total of $210,100. Most of his losses occurred at 2-7 triple draw and pot-limit Omaha tables, where Dan Cates also lost almost $800k to finish March on a downswing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we find Niklas Heinecker who won around $1 million in late March and early April, followed by “samrostan” and Phil Galfond. The latter frequented the $300/$600 NLHE and 2-7 triple draw tables where he often played against “ragen70” and the duels were inconclusive.

Action was also intense at PokerStars, where Alex “Kanu7” Millar and “Katya_18” dominated the $200/$400 NLHE games to win $172,000 and $152,800. Alex crushed “MalACEsia” in the biggest hand of the day to win a pot of $171k with a better straight. He also won more than $100k from “Katya_18”, denying him the chance of winning $350k in one day.

Overall, yesterday was profitable for several players, but at the top of the list sit these four:

Niki Jedlicka – $512.800

Follow The Hawk – $406.900

Alexonmoon – $304.800

Polarizing – $210.300