Online Poker Making Strides In America

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With Nevada now getting prepared for a big January launch of state-only online poker, the first state in fact to allow any form of online poker, a selection of others are now looking to push ahead with their own attempts at some kind of online poker resolution.

They are looking to get their own online poker bills, due simply to the fact that any national legislation is obviously some way off at the very best.

The main states that are looking into getting their very own online pokers bills are New Jersey and the Golden State of California, though there are now others that have had several discussions about the possibility such as Massachusetts and Delaware.

New Jersey!

Of those states that we mentioned, New Jersey is the one that is the furthest along, with it holding many similarities with the legislation made in Nevada, though the one major difference being that New Jersey is going to include online casino games and not just poker. In New Jersey, they will be doing as Nevada did and literally fast track any current operators that already offer a brick and mortar service to residents in an online format.

If Chris Christie, who is the governor of New Jersey were to sign that bill, there is a very big chance that it would instantly allow PokerStars to make a dramatic return to the USA. This is because if the rumours are true, they are in advanced talks with the Atlantic Club Casino about purchasing it outright, though this has not been confirmed by PokerStars as of yet.


California has been floating the their very own online poker bill for a good couple of years but have not quite been successful enough to actually get that bill to a vote through a lack of support. This is mainly down to their being a little bit of a war between the current b&m card rooms that are split right down the middle on the idea of online poker.

So in summary, though the online poker federal bill is certainly dead in the water for 2012, there is certainly hope in 2013 for Americans. With states slowly but surely introducing their own online poker bills, this will either pressurise the government into making it a federal law or if enough states actually introduce it themselves, any federal law will simply become somewhat of a moot point.

On top of that, the Brick and Mortar Casinos are increasing at such a rate that soon enough there will be a casino resort in each and every state in the near future.