Our Players To Watch In 2013

With 2013 now fully underway, we thought it necessary to give all of you our opinion on which players we feel will be the ones to make a big splash in the world of poker during the year. We have chosen two players for each category, with the categories being “live tournament players”, “online high stakes grinders” and “online tournaments”.

Live Tournaments!

Ana Marquez – PokerStars Team Pro Marquez is probably one of the hardest working players in the business. If she is not online, she is at as many live tournaments as she can possibly attend. This hard work has to result in some big wins soon enough, could that be 2013?

Andrew Lichtenberger – Lichtenberger finished in the top five in the world for tournament performances in 2012 according to the Global Poker Index; however he achieved this position without really having any standout performances. He is Mr. Consistency and will cash on a regular basis, if he can turn those performances into wins he will be a player to watch in 2013.

Online High Stakes Cash Games!

Phil Ivey – After taking a break from online poker when the original Full Tilt Poker was shut down, Ivey made a surprise return to the tables after the re-launch with his return coming in December. This time he was under a new name “Polarizing”.

Since his return he has had mixed fortunes but still managed to be in profit by the end of the year. However, we feel that a whole year at the tables will start to see him shaking up some of the regulars that had got used to him not being around.

“Barcode” – Still unnamed but still a big threat with regards to online cash games. He didn’t play as regular as many of the biggest earners of the year, though when he did play, he generally crushed his opponents. Nobody is completely sure on who this player is, though what we do know is that the account was created in Macau, which could mean it is one of the Macau businessmen or perhaps a player who has relocated there.

If he/she was to up their game time, we are sure they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the year in the online profit stakes.

Online Tournaments!

Eugene Katchalov – The PokerStars Team Pro Katchalov put in some extremely consistent online tournament performances in 2012 and should probably of had more victories to his name than what he did. We feel that if he keeps that same level of consistency up, he is going to have a very big year, sooner rather than later.

Chris Moorman – We might be being a little bit biased here, but we had to mention a Brit somewhere in here. Moorman is widely considered one of the best online tournament players in the world, yet we think he could put himself right at the top of the pile in 2013.