Top-5 Poker Songs!

Over time, the poker fraternity has had a peculiar connection with the music industry. Whereas different artists from different music genre have been involved in writing the music, poker players on the other hand draw inspiration from poker themed music to charge at their opponents in poker tournaments. Here are some of the best ever poker related songs!



The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

Ever since the internationally acclaimed country music singer, Kenny Rogers belted out the popular lyrics, for the Gambler poker players and enthusiast have placed a special meaning to this song. The Gambler points to the dynamics at a poker table and the instinctive wit associated with a gambler or poker player. The classic lyrics, which intimate the need to know when to fold or when to run precisely, tell the story of poker strategy.


Corb Lund – All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards.


Another country music classic that qualifies as a top poker song is All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards by the Corb Lund group. The song has heavy undertones of the poker felts in its lyrics and intimate blackjack, eight or better, hold ’em and draw and acey-deucy, never loosey, hearts and black Mariah. Perhaps all this song does is to remind a player to stay focused and to keep playing regardless of the stakes and time.


Go Down Gambling by Blood, Sweat and Tears

Poker as a game of luck requires a player to keep a winning attitude. The song, Go Down Gambling is possibly a part remedy-part inspiration to players who might find the action on the table going against their luck. However, there is need to keep playing and working towards turning around luck at the table.


The Jack, AC/DC

Poker borrows heavily from the rock genre with many rock artists gravitating towards the poker theme to get a message across. The Jack by Australian band AC/DC metaphorises a love affair with a game of poker where all players are playing using fraudulent strategies and end up cheating. Using a poker identity, the lady persona in the song ends up handing the singer a bad deal same as what you would expect in a bad poker game.


Losing Hand, Ray Charles

Ray Charles’ hit number Losing Hand is laden with symbolic lyrics that point to the all too familiar scenario witnessed in most poker tables. The betrayal tones in the song indicate someone’s lover who let them down and left them to deal with a losing hand. As the lines interject, ‘you used me for your joker cause I thought you’re deal was clean,’ explains the need to be wary of relationships as well as poker games and that contingency plans are always a good option!