Pacella And Rowe Battling More Than WSOP

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PokerStarsBlog just a few days ago posted a blog written by Brad Willis that concentrated on the story of two brave women that were taking part in this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event. Those women were Vanessa Pacella and Nicola Rowe, two women that have been diagnosed with cancer and that had been helping eachother through their particular battles.

They came to the Main Event to not only take part and hopefully win a nice sum of money but to also try and get the message across to fellow women players that getting a mammogram annually is imperative.

Each player had their fortunes at the felt with Nicola Rowe, who paid for her friend to take part in the event, being eliminated on the first day of the event whilst Pacella managed to advance into Day 2. However a latest update to the PokerStarsBlog article reveals, she was not able to celebrate that achievement with her friend as things had turned for the worse for Lowe by the time Pacella had arrived at her hotel room.

“When I got back to the room, it was 12:30, by one o’clock, I was on the phone with 911 asking for an ambulance.”

Lowe has since been diagnosed a bunch of serious complications from the treatment she had been receiving for her cancer, including that of walking pneumonia. The worst part about this for Pacella is that she cannot afford to visit due to being weak herself, meaning that even a cold could be disastrous for her.

This would have left Pacella with so much on her mind going into Day 2a/b of the Main Event today, yet come the end of it she was still there and now heading into Day 3, though admittedly with a short stack of 31,000.

You really should check out the both blog posts from Brad Willis at PokerStarsBlog to get the full story on these two inspirational women, they show that whilst many would love to win the Main Event for the riches, some are fighting much bigger battles that it seems all the money in the world would not be able to win for them.