No More Partouche Poker Tour After Controversy

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The controversy has continued at the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event being held in Cannes, with many players becoming increasingly angered at the prize pool guarantee not being well…guaranteed.

In initial advertisements for the tournament it was clearly stated that the prize pool for the competition was guaranteed at 5 million Euros. However, the CEO Patrick Partouche has since back tracked saying that was never the case after a poor attendance only created a prize pool of 4.3 million Euros.

On Wednesday they made the announcement that 573 players in total had bought into the event, having paid 8,500 Euros which meant there was a prize pool of 4,264.580 Euros. This was exactly 735,420 short of the well documented 5 million Euro guarantee. This then caused great anger amongst the players who feel that the Partouche organizers should stick to guarantee and cough up the extra.

However, that didn’t seem likely as the head of the Partouche Poker Tour Maxime Masquelier made this statement. “We feel that we can be very proud to have reached the prize pool that we managed for an 8,500 buy-in tournament” she then added “ We never once said the event was a five million guaranteed event”

This statement was quickly dispelled as various posters were shown to clearly state the tournament had a guarantee of the said amount. There was even a video that showed the PPT Director of Marketing declaring the guarantee, he later resigned.

The President himself Patrick Partouche then decided to speak directly to the players before the start of Day 3, he announced that there was never a guarantee of 5 million and that he believed this controversy was being driven by young poker players with huge egos that have not even made any final tables.

He then announced to the players that this Poker Tour will now be officially dead after Sunday, with no more events planned. He then left the stage, with one player asking him “so what about the 5 million Euros?” to which he replied “It was never guaranteed”.

The player who was Tristan Wade chirped back “There is hard proof absolutely everywhere that it was guaranteed”, Partouche simply said that he knows how to write and if others cannot read then that is their problem.

Another passing comment came after Partouche said “By the way, the PPT is now over”, to which a player said “No one would have been coming back here even if there was one next year”

There are also some rumours that there is an agreement between the players that whoever makes the final table, will put some money together to take a legal route to recover the lost 700k.