Pasqualini and Rossi Suspended

shutterstock_4508785Cheating in poker seems a little odd when we are talking about million dollar prize pools, camera action and professional dealers, but 2 player have proved that it could well be possible.

There seems to be no denying the fact Pasqualini and Rossi cheated using hand signals to warn each other of hands that if pursued will put the other player at risk. There are sure to be those who have tried their hand at a bit of collusion on the online poker tables, so those of you that have tried will agree it is always good to have companion at the table, but those who haven’t will agree there is certainly no good to come out of it when it is at the expense of others hard earned buy-ins.

The live pro poker tournament circuit boasts some of the biggest buy-ins on offer and what could be worse than to be pushed out of a hand for the fact that your opponent has a 2 card advantage on their pot odds. It may seem like just 2 cards, but in the run of things an advantage is an advantage. Knowing you only have 7 outs to your straight rather than 8 outs is enough to stop a chase and enough to induce a fold.

It may seem like a few harmless hand signals, but for the players cheated out of their fair rake of the pot there is no forgivingness. If the accusations are true, which it seems they could well be, then there are hundreds if not thousands of players out there who may recall losing a pot to the Pasqualini and Rossi duo.

Well for those aggrieved by the shocking revelations there is some consultation as the Global Poker Index, as expected, took action and suspended both players from the rankings.

It was Alexandre Dreyfus, GPI CEO, who was at the forefront of the latest poker announcement revealing that since learning of the ‘could be’ cheating allegations that it was a difficult decision, but a suspension was something that needs to be enforced.

The suspicious activity actually dates back to almost 4 years ago in the 2009 Partouche Poker Tour Main Event after Nordine Boutya put together the shocking evidence. Since then the GPI’s top 50 players were asked for their opinion on what is the biggest ever cheating poker scandal to have hit the tables.

In the end, the feedback was in no doubt with the support of a suspension. For anyone that has seen the alleged incident it admittedly seems very coincidental and this really left everyone with no surprise as to what decision would come from the investigation.

For now we will just have to wait and see. There are those who would not blame anyone for giving it a go for a million dollars, however the integrity of the game is at stake and the fact that for those who have lost their buy-ins as a direct result of what looks like cheating, well, there is really no justification for dishonesty.