“patpatman” And “Ilari FIN” Rocking the Highstakes Tables

When it comes to highstakes poker on either PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker this year, there are two players that have certainly has up and down years, Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies and the unknown “patpatman”.

With regards to the former, his year started off quite well as he managed to bring a profit of over a million in just the first couple of months. When May came along however he started to discover that the only poker world is not always a colorful matter.

He then went on a five month run which saw him lose a massive $3.5 million which turned his $1 million profit into a $2.5 million deficit. However, during the last month or so he has been gradually pulling that all back.

In the last month alone he has made almost a million back with the official number being $900k, most of that coming in the last week and a half. This is all a dramatic change of fortune for the player that usually had a queue of players lining up for his table due to him suffering a poor run of form.

Just the other day he managed to take home $183k after being the day’s biggest earner, when he was up against “KPR16” and “Ilari FIN”. This profit came after sessions at the Fixed Limit Omaha $200/$400 tables.

Ilari Sahamies is another that has had an up and down year, with him being in the same sort of situation as “patpatman”, he found himself down around $2 million for most of the year, yet found an a very rich vein of form that saw him completely wipe that deficit out and in fact put him near to $1 million up.

Despite having a poor November where he has dropped another $500k, he yesterday almost halved that as he turned a profit of around $225k. This means that he is running at pretty much even for the year so far. Whilst this may seem annoying for most poker players, to him it is probably more of a relief considering he stood to lose millions.

The Day’s Biggest Winners On Thursday!

Ilari FIN +$225.8k

altiFC +$127.6k

Ben86 +$74.9k

NyPogadi11 +$54k

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