“patpatpanda” Banks Nearly $500k Yesterday

One of the form players at the moment on the high octane and devastatingly brutal high stakes tables is the mystery man known only as “patpatpanda”. Well he continued that reign of form yesterday by banking another $470k, meaning that in the last two weeks he has banked more than $1.3 million in profit at Full Tilt Poker.

He will welcome this form with open arms as well, seeing that he actually dropped nearly two million at the site during the period between the site re-launching and Christmas.

He actually played a mammoth session yesterday that totalled fourteen hours, which you certainly cannot blame him when everything is going right. It was a good decision to play for that long as well, considering his biggest chunk of profit came in the last couple of hours.

He was playing on the $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha tables against the likes of “Gus Hansen”, “DealMeInFast” and the hapless “punting-peddler” when he managed to accrue a profit of $230k. Each of those opponents was amongst the biggest losers of the day come the end of it too, mainly down to “patpatpanda”.

The biggest loser of them all was “punting-peddler”, losing a massive $700k to bring his total losses over the past few days to a staggering $1.3 million.

“Erik1223” Still Running Nicely!

Another player who is having a really good time currently is “Erik1223”, with him now edging ever closer to profits of $1 million within a week after taking down another $186.9k yesterday. He was up against the likes of “Patrik Antonious” and another in form player “PostFlopAction” on the extremely high stakes $1,500/$3,000 Pot Limit Omaha tables.

Over At PokerStars!

Though Full Tilt seems to be the site of choice right now for the high stakes cash games, probably due to them offering higher stakes tables, there was still some action and a player that took home $147.4k.

That player was “Ben86” who plied his trade on the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables to increase his total profit this year to nearly $1.5 million. He also won the largest pot of the day too, with his nut flush draw making it on the turn against “wilhasha” to secure the $65.1k.

Gus Hansen continued to struggle yesterday too, initially going up around $300k against “cottonseed1” before blowing it all and ending up losing another $150k on top to his opponent.

The Day’s Biggest Profits!

patpatpanda – (+$470.1k)

Erik1223 – (+$186.9k)

cottonseed1 – (+$149.7k)

Ben86 – (+$147.4k)

Check with us tomorrow to see which players are tearing it up and which ones are swearing it up as we give you all of the in depth information on the goings on at the high stakes tables.